Benches for alternators and starters

Update your TOPAZ to check the latest alternators!
Update, update, software, mechanical, electronics, improvement
For new skills !
For fast and efficient testing
OPAL for alternators tests : leakage current, lighted lamp, battery voltage, CPU interface, ripple voltage, voltage regulation, field current F/DF/DFM, Sense channel, tachometer output (W/P) ignition
40A - 4500 rpm
For progressive control
60A - 6000 RPM
For extensive loads testing
Up to 300A - 9000 RPM

Benches for alternators

For dynamic tests in production
400 A to 9000 rpm
For a real-time control
Laboratory test bench for alternators and other rotating machines characterization
1500A - 12 à 80V - 240 N.m
For direct drive measurement
400A - 18000rpm -

Benches for regulators

for a fast and deep control of regulators !
Simulate load and speed of alternators signal...

Benches for starters

Performance validation for all types of starters
10 kW - 120 N.m