For dynamic tests in production
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  • Quick set up of your alternators

Fast loading for a productivity improvement!

    Electronic loads to 7,2 kW
    Variable speed up to 9000 rpm
    Manufacturer references database
    Stop&Start system : Belt driven Starter Generator 48V
    12V/24V/48V voltages
    Real speed measurement
    Communication : Protocols LIN (35) / CAN

    Large touch screen
    Intuitive use
    Multi languages
    Windows 10

Alternators control :

    Leakage current
    Checked lighted lamp
    Batterie voltage
    CPU interface
    Loading current and current flow curve
    Voltage regulation
    Field current F/DF/DFM
    Sense channel
    Tachometer output (W/P)
    Efficiency curve: current according to the speed
    Ignition, interface
    LRC time, auto-excitation

Alternators database : easy search by manufacturer

    Checks alternators from 12V to 48V
    Current maxi ( 12 V) to 500A
    Torque maxi : 35 Nm
    Rotation speed : 9000 rpm

Size: 1700(L) x 700(W) x 1750(H)
Weight: 450Kg
Cycle : < 60s

    Regulators test
    Start & Stop test
    Belt driven Starter generator test
    Barcode printer