DIAMOND - accuracy and high power for all rotating machines

For a real-time control
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Laboratory test bench for any rotating machine: precision and power !

- simulation of vehicle load up to 1500 A,
- Torque up to 240 N.m
- Voltage 12-80 V
- Speed up to 18,000 revolutions / minute
- Real-time measurements,
- All communication networks (LIN 1 & 2, BSD / BSS 1 & 2, RVC, terminal C, PCM, RLO, C / G, P & D, Start & Stop, Belt driven Starter Generator ...)


DIAMOND performs tests on all types of rotating machines!
The test is FULLY PARAMETERIZABLE, as for sequences than test cycles!

The user specifies the parameters associated with the test: the results of the sequence are stored in Excel compatible files and can be viewed at any time.
- universal fixture for alternators and starters,
- Electronic charge,
- Fast acquisition systems (real-time).


Possible adaptations for specific engines.

More information www.dactem.com